chocochocolate cake

September 1, 2011

chocochocolate cake

200g of flour
200g of brown sugar
100g of cocoa powder
5g of baking powder
5g of baking soda
5g of salt
a pinch of nutmeg
2 eggs
150ml of sunflower oil
250ml of strong coffee
200ml of cream
50g of butter
2g of salt
30g of cocoa
150g of milk chocolate


Mix 200ml of the still hot, freshly brewed coffee with the cocoa. Put aside the rest of the 50ml of coffee. Mix eggs and oil with an electric hand mixer until you get a mayonnaise like emulsion. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, sodium, salt and nutmeg in a mixing bowl. Add the coffee-cocoa mixture and the egg-oil mixture and stir delicately with a spoon. Bake in a lightly buttered baking pan at 180°C for 40 to 50 minutes.

Chop the milk chocolate for the icing. Bring cream and cocoa powder to boil and take off the stove. Add chopped chocolate and stir until everything is dissolved. Add butter and salt and stir again.

The icing gets a bit harder when cold but can be re-heated if necessary, e.g. if it was kept in the fridge.
Turn the cake out of the pan, and sprinkle with the remaining coffee.
Spread the chocolate icing on the cake with the back of a big spoon